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Safe areas and lockers

are only useful if they are inconspicuous and fulfill the most important aspects of safekeeping: anonymity and neutrality.

Under the current stipulations, the state not only monitors banks, but also can easily gain insight into assets stored at gold and/or coin dealers. Storage in these institutions presupposes favorable conditions in the respective country and that the state does not exploit its monitoring ability. But does that ensure the safety of your assets?

The Service & Meeting Point Saxenwald (SMS) offers discreet safe deposit boxes in a former bank vault facility that is equipped with additional security features, which exceed customary banking security standards.

We offer safe deposit boxes from the standard size of around 300 x 390 mm with a height of 50 mm to 600 mm. In addition, we also offer special custody arrangements.

Furthermore, we assist in insuring your personal locker.

The SMS is located very centrally in Northern Germany: 5 minutes from Reinbek station, 8 minutes from the A1 / A24, 25 minutes from Hamburg Central Station, 35 minutes from the Fuhlsbüttel airport and approximately 2 hours from Berlin.
For further information, you can reach us under +49 40 60 94 61 455 ( please aware we are normaly 6 hours in front of New York ) or via Mail info@sicheres-schliessfach.de

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